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The Story of Bixie and Tiki

Bixie sits in her bedroom looking sad. She holds her Turtle Fairy Maya jewelry box and the torn picture is on her bed.

Upstairs, sitting on her bed, Bixie held her Turtle Fairy Maya jewelry box and cried some more.

“Why did Tiki have to ruin my favorite book?” Bixie thought. “And tear out my very favorite picture from my favorite book?”

Then bit by bit Bixie began calming down.

She realized that Tiki was only a little turtle sister and didn’t mean to ruin her favorite book.

This helped her feel better.

Then she told herself, that Ma-turtle said she would buy a brand new book for her.

And this also helped her feel better.

And Bixie reminded herself that when she was three years old, she had broken her mother’s favorite vase even though she didn’t mean to. And sometimes little three-year-old box turtles do these things.

And this also helped Bixie feel much better.

Bixie sits on her bed holding the Turtle Fairy Maya jewelry box. She has a slight smile on her face.

“At least I still have my Turtle Maya jewelry box,” Bixie thought to herself.

And that made her happy.

“Plus, Mom’s really good at taping books together. I’ve seen her fix lots of things,” she thought.

And this thought helped calm Bixie down even more.

After a while, Bixie felt much better.

She took some deep breaths, looked at all the pretty things in her bedroom and reminded herself how much she loved Tiki. She loved her little turtle sister so much!

And Bixie really felt fine.

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