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The Story of Bixie and Tiki

In the kitchen, Bixie looks angry while she throws the torn Clifford the Big Red Dog picture. Ma-turtle points at Bixie to go upstairs while Tiki looks on.

Then Bixie dashed back downstairs and threw the book “Clifford the Big Red Dog” onto the kitchen floor, along with a picture torn from that book.*

“See!” Bixie shouted at Tiki. “How do you like that?!”

Bixie was still mad so she began shouting all sorts of bad, grown-up words at her little sister. Ma-turtle was very surprised that Bixie was saying these things. Ma-turtle did not like hearing those words.

Then Bixie yelled the worst thing she could think of at Tiki.

“My whole life I wished for a little sister,” she shouted. “And now I wish that I never wished for you!”

Ma-turtle told Bixie to calm down, but Bixie would not calm down. So, Ma-turtle sent Bixie up to her room to calm herself down.



* Clifford the Big Red Dog is the Property of Norman Bridwell (and also Tiki’s favorite book).

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