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The Story of Bixie and Tiki

Tiki walks downstairs holding the torn picture of Turtle Fairy Maya while Bixie stands at the foot of the stairs saying Oh No No!

Ma-turtle had always told Bixie to put her books away and not leave them on her bed. Ma-turtle told Bixie this because Bixie had a little turtle sister named Tiki. And everyone knows how curious little turtles are, and how they like to get into their big sisters’ bedrooms.

But since it was only for a few minutes, Bixie figured it would be okay.

Soon, Bixie started watching TV downstairs and forgot all about her favorite book. She forgot about her “Turtle Fairies” book until she saw her little sister, Tiki, coming down the stairs with the torn picture of Turtle Fairy Maya in her hands.

Tiki knew that Turtle Fairy Maya was Bixie’s favorite of all. So, Tiki thought she was helping by bringing that picture to her.

“Oh No!” Bixie cried out. “I can’t believe you did that!”

“Oh No No!”

Two open books of Turtle Fairy Maya on good book and Turtle Fairy April on torn book.

Bixie ran upstairs to see what had happened. Her favorite book was torn and ruined! Now that the book was torn, Turtle Fairy April – who is dressed in orange and yellow with daisies around her waist – is now across from the pink and lavender pansies page for the month of May.

Bixie’s favorite fairy, Turtle Fairy Maya wasn’t there anymore…

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