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The Story of Bixie and Tiki

Box Turtle Family with Tiki, Bixie smiling with two Turtle Fairy jewelry boxes, Turtle Fairy flying above her. Pa-turtle and Ma-turtle look on.

Just like Ma-turtle promised, she bought Bixie a brand new “Turtle Fairies” book.

This time Bixie chose the Turtle Fairy April jewelry box to go along with her new book.

After all that big fight, Bixie had started to love Turtle Fairy April too. Bixie liked that Turtle Fairy April had green hair, just like she and Tiki did. Bixie also liked the colorful daisies around April’s waist and on her jewelry box. She loved both of her Turtle Fairies now.

The Box Turtle Family was a happy family. And Pa-turtle and Ma-turtle were very proud of their two adorable turtle daughters. And this story became one of the stories they always remembered.

Page 10


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