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Run Your Own Race

Large banner saying 'West Valley Elementary FUN DAY, Relay Races, Sing-alongs!, Tag, Red Rover, Dodge Ball, Arts and Crafts'.

There’s a big sign in the hallway at school. It tells all the fun things the KidzAnimals will do on Fun Day.

All the Kidz get picnic lunches of a sandwich, apple, potato chips and a yummy cookie.

After lunch, the sports part of the day begins.


Coach Davis asks, “Who would like to run a race?” Coug raises his hand and shouts, “I want to RUN!”. He says, “I’m the fastest here and I know I’m gonna WIN!”

Bixie smiles and raises her hand.

Bixie raises her hand too and says, “I want to run too”

This makes the other KidzAnimals laugh.  Bixie’s a turtle and she’s the slowest student in fourth grade.

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