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Run Your Own Race

Coug hands Bixie a first place ribbon which says #1 Most Determined Turtle - The words Friends? is over Coug's head and 'Friends!' over Bixie's head.

At school, Coug looks around for Bixie.  He sees her and walks over.

“Bixie,” Coug says.  “I’m sorry for calling you a cheater.  I was a poor sport.”  He reaches into his backpack and takes out the special ribbon he made for her.

Bixie reads what he’s written – “Number 1, Most Determined Turtle.”

A huge smile comes over her face.

Bixie reaches out to shake Coug’s hand.

“Friends?” Coug asks her.

“Friends!” Bixie agrees.

And that is how Coug and Bixie ran the race, learned some lessons, and became good friends.

Cooper holds a green stuffed dinosaur and says 'The End', while a stuffed green snake at his feet also says 'The End'.


Page 13


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