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Hop Hopscotch

Box of chalk and hopscotch with numbers 30 to 36 with 34 missing and words displaying 'Number 34 is Missing!'

Oh no, there’s a problem!

They see that Elena’s 35 square is right above Punky’s 33 square. Square 34 is missing!

Elena draws a new square and puts square 34 next to 33 and 35.

“Okay,” Punky agrees. “I’ll draw an arrow so we’ll know which square to jump to next.”

So Punky draws the arrow.

Words 'Look What Happened!' with hopscotch showing the 34-square off to the side with a thick red arrow.

Page 6


KidzAnimals Products:

Benefits of KidzAnimals Products:

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NOTE: These product mockups are for display only. Colors, product sizes, image placement, styles and fit may vary for products.