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Class Clown

Miss Eddy talks to the boys in the front of the classroom. She hands Chimp two notes while Benny holds his single note. Chalkboard says 'Spelling Quiz on Monday'. Poster of class rules says '4 - Keep Desks Clean', '5 - No Teasing', '6 - Inside Voices', '7 - No Passing Notes' and '8 - Assignments turned in'.

Chimp and Benny come up to talk with Miss Eddy. Miss Eddy tells the two boys that their class project was not done the way it should have been done.

Crumpled report cover with wrinkled drawings of Italy, China and USA structures.

Lucas and Maddie have also stayed after class to speak to Miss Eddy. Miss Eddy asks Maddie and Lucas how their report got so wrinkled.  The details come out that Chimp messed up their class project.

Story illustration - Words 'Growing Fruits & Vegetables By Benny & Chimp' on a green chalkboard.

Miss Eddy writes a note for Chimp and a note for Benny to take home - about having to work on their class report over the weekend. The two boys will need to write a report called “Growing Fruits and Vegetables.”

Before Chimp can leave, Miss Eddy gives him a second note about how he wrinkled Lucas and Maddie’s report by not being careful.

“Uh, oh,” Chimp thinks to himself now that he’s in trouble. “Maybe being class clown isn’t so much fun after all!”

Page 11


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