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The Story of Bixie and Tiki

In the kitchen, Tiki copies Bixie crying while Pa-turtle reads the newspaper and Ma-turtle operates the microwave.

Bixie runs into the kitchen and throws the torn book and picture onto the floor.  Now her Ma-turtle and Pa-turtle can see what Tiki did. Bixie starts crying.

Bixie cries into her hands while a smiling Tiki copies and cries into her hands.
Tiki says W-a-a-ah while a crying Bixie says W-a-a-ah.

Bixie cries into her hands.  Tiki watches this and copies her.  Tiki pretends to cry into her own little hands too. But Tiki has a little smile on her face while pretending to cry. Everything that Bixie does, Tiki copies.

Close up of Pa-turtle hiding behind an open newspaper, while Ma-turtle turns to work the microwave buttons.

Pa-turtle and Ma-turtle know that Bixie is very, very upset. But little Tiki is such a rascal. Ma and Pa turtle try not to laugh.

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