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The Time Twister

Bixie, Tedds, Wolfinna and Dusty playing in the woods with Rusty, Parker and Pandish in the background.

The boys head off to their Secret Clubhouse in the woods. As they walk down into The Valley they talk about Parker's new things.

"I'm pretty sure it's about time travel," Pandish says. "Travel, travel to the past has to be going back in time. And travel to another world - that must be going into the future."

Before they left, Parker packed everything into his bag. The head sashes, the scrolls, the spinner, and the fighting stars. He attached the sword around his waist even though it was heavy. Rusty and Pandish find perfect walking sticks in the woods.

"We can fight with these," Rusty shouts as he pretends his stick is a weapon. Pandish pretends to fight too.

"Come on kids," Parker says to them. "Hurry up."

When the boys come to the Big Lake, they see some of the other KidzAnimals playing. Bixie, Tedds, Wolfinna and Dusty are all playing by the edge of the lake.

"Hey, it's Dusty!" Rusty shouts when he sees his twin brother. "I hope he wants to go with us."

"Hey, guys!" Parker yells over to them. "Want to go to the Secret Clubhouse with us?"

Bixie, Tedds and Wolfinna are all woodland KidzAnimals, so playing by a lake in the woods is the perfect place for them.

Bixie is having too much fun catching frogs so she doesn't want to go. She would rather play outside in the woods than in a dark clubhouse anyway.

"No thanks, Parker," Bixie replies. "Next time maybe."

Tedds hardly looks up as he turns over a large rock.

"Same here," he tells the other guys while turning over another rock. "Today's a perfect bug-watching day."

Wolfinna thanks them and says maybe next time. She keeps making ripples in the water with her stick. Nature, fresh air and water are her favorite things.

Dusty runs off to join them. He was getting tired of throwing stones into the lake anyway. He'd rather join his twin brother for an adventure.

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