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The Time Twister

In the clubhouse - Pandish, Parker, Rusty and Dusty celebrate and give each other high fives with the words Awesome, Alright, Yeah!

Before they know it, they are back inside the Secret Clubhouse.

The boys look at each other with huge grins on their faces. What an adventure! They give each other high fives and jump into the air.

"That was Awesome!" "The BEST!" "Cool!" "Amazing!"

"I knew it was a way to time travel," Pandish says. "I was right."

"Yeah, you were right about the spinner, but what about everything else?" Parker asks.

"What do you mean?" Pandish asks.

"How about that we would be invisible?" Parker replies.

"Yeah," Dusty joins in. "And no one would ever know if we took the Pharaoh's gold."

"And don't forget, that we would be completely safe from everything around us." Rusty joins in.

Pandish is silent for once. Then he shrugs his shoulders and says one simple word to defend himself.


"Yeah, RIGHT!" Dusty and Rusty say together. That's just like Pandish!

The boys all laugh at this and go back to jumping around and giving each other high fives.

"And I can't believe how great our adventure was!" Parker continues happily. "Everyone got the wish they asked for."

In the clubhouse - Pandish, Parker, Rusty and Dusty celebrate while views of boys wishes of a toy castle, toy pyramid, toy rocket ship and toy dinosaurs show.

Page 17


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