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The Time Twister

The boys run away while a dinosaur chases them.

The boys look around and see something so huge, so heart stopping, so amazing.


A dinosaur is stretching its neck out and munching on leaves and vines. Okay, cool, a non-meat eating dinosaur. They should be safe.

"Amazing!" "Awesome!" "Cooler than cool!"

"Just what I wanted to see!" Dusty says.

Then they hear large footsteps crashing through the jungle. Through the trees they see something that makes their hearts race.

It's a T-Rex - Tyrannosaurus Rex. A meat-eating dinosaur. Dusty is absolutely amazed. It's so much larger than he imagined.

"Tell me he can't see us," Parker whispers to Pandish.

"Let's hope for the best," Pandish replies, not as confident as when he was in the clubhouse.

As the T-Rex gets closer to the boys, it turns its head toward the four boys.

"He sees us!" Parker shouts. "I thought you said this was a game. Run guys! He's catching up..."

"I hope my spin comes up soon!!!" Rusty shouts while running. "Before he catches and eats us. If I miss my turn that wouldn't be fair! You all got your turns."

The boys run as fast as they can. The T-Rex runs after them. It gets closer and closer until they are pulled back into the Time Twister and they spin upwards.

The boys wonder what will happen next...

A dinosaur attacks the boys as they run away while the magic spinner shows over them in 3-D.

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