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The Magic Spinner

Mrs. Ito holds the magic spinner board while Mr. Ito adjusts his eyeglasses. Parker looks on smiling.

Parker hands Mrs. Ito the spinner and she looks at that, too. It has old looking numbers going around it. Sort of like a clock.

Mr. Ito points to some of the characters going about in three circles. "It must be some sort of game," he says. "This is 1 to 12. That I can see."

He points to the black numbers in the outer circle.

"This is Chinese," Mr. Ito says while pointing. "I don't know what these other characters are written in," he says as he points to the red and blue characters written in some other mysterious language.

Mrs. Ito looks at those other numbers too. "I wonder if these are Egyptian hieroglyphics?" she says out loud.

They all look closely at the spinner and at the two scrolls, and can only wonder what they all mean. They spin the arrow around a few times, and they see that in spite of its age, the spinner still works.

"Parker, I think this is some sort of game," Mr. Ito states a second time. "I'm just not sure how to play it."

"Wow!" Parker exclaims. "This is so cool. I'm going to keep studying these things." He feels really lucky to have found his Grandfather's trunk up in the attic.

Parker rolls his scrolls back up and gathers his things. He thanks the two owners of the restaurant for all their help. The Itos smile at Parker and his cute little sister Punky. They thank Mrs. Racoosin for coming to their restaurant tonight and sharing these ancient objects with them.

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