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The Magic Spinner

Parker swings his large samurai sword in his bedroom with the words 'Cool!' and 'Whoosh' above him. He wears the black ninja sash - with the magic spinner, fighting stars and two rolled scrolls are on the bed.

Parker puts on the head sash again. He stands and plays with the sword.

First, he pretends to be a strong and noble Japanese warrior - a samarai. He paces proudly around the room. Then he pretends to be a ninja and sneaks around his room with the sword ready to strike.

"Cool!" he says as he waves the sword in front of him.

But after a while he starts to feel unsteady. He feels as if he's moving a bit through space and not completely in his bedroom. It feels strange, so Parker stops playing around. He puts the two swords back in the heavy box. He shuts the box and shoves it under his bed.
Then he takes off the black head sash, folds it, and puts it away with the others.

Only the old wooden spinner and the two scrolls are still on his bed. He sits down on his bed again and studies them, wondering what they say.

Parker swings sword - words 'Cool!' and 'Whoosh' from the sword swing.

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