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The Blue Adventure

Chimp, Tedds, Merkeeta and Teejah jump in a bouncy blue world having lots of fun!

Next thing they were floating and bouncing in a world that was all soft and squishy and blue! The trees were soft, squishy and blue and the ground was also soft, squishy and blue. Just like Merkeeta wished for, it was so SOFT and just like Chimp wished for, it was so BLUE. Bouncing was fun, so Teejah had a huge smile on her face as she floated and landed.

Everything was blue. It was The Blue World and the KidzAnimals were now it's first visitors. The ground wasn't like the ground that we know of - which is solid and hard and strong. Instead is was jiggly and soft and bouncy. If was like a trampoline, only bouncier, higher and squishier.

When you bounced, you bounced really high. And when you came down from your bounce, you floated back down. Then landed on the blue softness. Then bounced right back up again in another SUPER BOUNCE!!!

It was so much fun! Tedds got his wish granted too.

The adventurous Kidz kept bouncing and landing, again and again. It didn't seem like anything could go wrong. . .

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