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Katya’s Special Day

Inside the clubhouse, Merkeeta, Katya, Chimp, Teejah, Tedds and Charlie all wear head sashes while Maddie stands outside the circle.

The next day a bunch of KidzAnimals got together at the secret clubhouse in the woods. They would try for another adventure.

Katya brought the new head sashes and she, Merkeeta and Teejah put them on. Tedds had asked for and borrowed a few of Parker's sashes and lent them to Charlie and Chimp.

They decided to see if the new handmade sashes that Katya sewed would work as well as the black ninja sashes. They had the wishing stone in the middle of the circle so they could wish on it.

Only Maddie didn't join the circle. Holding her striped sash, she paced at the clubhouse doorway.

"But aren't you coming Maddie?" Katya asked. "You did so much to help with the sashes."

"Well, I wish I could go," Maddie replied. "But I said I'd watch the mouselets while Ma-mouse and Pa-mouse go shopping."

"Are you sure Maddie?" Katya asked again. "We really want you to come along."

But Maddie just paced holding the sash and not putting it on. To tell the truth, after the adventure with the Emerald Queen, Maddie wasn't all that keen on adventure. She'd rather stay in The Valley, with her feet on solid ground.

With that decided, the KidzAnimals now had to decide where the six of them wanted to go to.

Chimp piped up first. "I don't want to go to ANY jewelry world," he said. Let's go to a place with lots of blue. That's my vote - BLUE!"

Then Merkeeta had her own suggestion. "We were having so much fun in the Jewel World until everything started cracking and breaking," Merkeeta explained to everyone. "Let's go to a soft world that can never crack or break."

Then Tedds made his suggestion. "I want to go to any place that's fun, so we can have fun together! Also, I want to see if this even works..."

The other Kidz made suggestions too - for an exciting place, a special place, a place no one had ever seen before.

Then all six of the Kidz began reciting one of JenJen's poems with the wishing stone in the center.

"Wishing stone, like no other,
Take us to worlds of light and color."

They repeated the poem a second time and then before they knew it -- WHOOSH...

Inside the clubhouse, Merkeeta, Katya, Chimp, Teejah, Tedds and Charlie all wear head sashes while Maddie stands outside the circle. Word bubbles with dialog over four of the Kidz.

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