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Katya’s Special Day

In the sewing room, Kicker tries on fabric pieces while Katya runs the sewing machine and Maddie cuts fabric.

The next day, bright and early, Katya went down to the sewing and crafts room in her house and got out her basket of fabric scraps. She looked them over carefully and considered how she could duplicate the ancient ninja sashes her friends had all used to enter the Jewel World and the boys had worn on their own adventure. Their adventure had been to Egypt and the pyramids - and to see dinosaurs and castles too. It was hard not to daydream about all the wonderful worlds the KidzAnimals could visit.

Now to get practical, Katya realized what a big task was in front of her and decided to call her friends. Kicker was Katya's best friend, so Katya called her first. Then Katya thought it over and realized that Maddie, the mouse girl, was a very hard worker and good at arts and crafts. So, Katya called her too.

Once the two girls arrived at Katya's house, the three started on their own ninja sash project. Katya sewed while Maddie cut the fabric pieces. Katya smiled when she saw how careful and precise Maddie was with her cutting fabric task.

Kicker didn't know what to do, so she decided to sort fabrics and decide which fabric would look best for each girl. She tried out fabric after fabric.

Kicker tries on a colorful sash with fabric spread out around her.

Each time she tried a fabric, Kicker called out to Katya and Maddie for their opinions.

Kicker tried out some pink and green polka dot fabric. Then trying out a lavender piece, Kicker asked what her friends thought.

"Girls, what do you think? Does this look good on me? I think it does."

Katya and Maddie looked up from their work and agreed.

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