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Katya’s Special Day

Parker and Katya argue outside a classroom while Tedds and Merkeeta watch.

Katya and Merkeeta were walking down the hall of West Valley Elementary School talking excitedly. They talked about the amazing adventure they had recently been on - visiting The Jewel World and meeting the Emerald Queen.

"Everything was beautiful," remarked Katya. "Just beautiful!"

"I know," Merkeeta responded with a smile. "I liked making the gold earrings the best!"

They bumped into Tedds and Parker coming down the hall from the other direction. Katya and Merkeeta smiled at the two boys, but Parker didn't smile back. In fact, he seemed rather angry.

"I heard you took my grandfather's sashes out of the clubhouse," Parker accused them. "Those are my sashes! You can't just take them without asking."

"We didn't take them Parker," Merkeeta responded defensively. "We only borrowed them. We wanted to time travel too."

Parker frowned. The ninja sashes were his and he never gave anyone permission to use them.

"Well you can just "borrow" my things either," he made his point. "You didn't even ask my permission! How would you feel?"

Tedds just looked on because he didn't really know what these KidzAnimals were talking about. "Sashes?" he thought. "Clubhouse... Time travel... What?  WHAT?!"

Katya didn't know how to respond at first, because obviously Parker was right. The girls had gone into the Clubhouse and used Parker's things without asking.

All at once Katya realized something.

She knew how to sew! Plus, she had lots of extra fabric! Katya had been saving fabric scraps for years -- waiting for that special project. She'd make her own sashes. So there!

Pile of colorful fabrics.

Lots of Extra Fabric!

"Well you know what Parker?" Katya said. "If you won't let us use your sashes, I'm just going to make my own!"

Merkeeta wondered about that. She had a lot of questions. Would newly made sashes work as well for time travel as the ancient sashes owned so long ago by Parker's grandfather? Could Katya just make them herself? Would they even work?

Merkeeta didn't say anything though, because she saw that her friend Katya was already "hot" and she didn't want to make her angrier than she already was.

Parker and Katya argue outside a classroom while Tedds and Merkeeta watch. Word bubbles contain dialog of Parker saying 'You can't just borrow my things. Those head sashes belonged to my Grandfather'. Then Katya says 'Well you know what? If you won't let us use them, I'm just going to make my own!'.

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