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The Jewel World

Katya speaks to the Emerald Queen with her glowing ring while Merkeeta watches. Sign 'Rainbow Food' and a tray of food by the Queen's feet.

The girls looked at each other in shock. This wasn't the type of adventure they had planned on going on. They had wished for bright colorful trees and birds, and maybe even being inside a rainbow. This was very different than the plan. Being underground wasn't part of the plan. Exploring the Jewel World was more amazing than any adventure they talked about at the clubhouse. Meeting the Emerald Queen was a complete surprise.

Soon, being a typical Guinea pig, JenJen started to feel hungry.

"Do you notice how there's no food around here?" she asked. "What time is it anyway? Probably lunch time, don't you think?"

"Yeah, where's the food?" Merkeeta chimed in. "Everything else is perfect here."

JenJen agreed with Merkeeta. "It's perfect here, except there's no food!"

With that, in a green cloud of mist, the Emerald Queen re-appeared. The elegant Queen held her arms out and a gold tray with silver bowls appeared. The silver bowls were filled with bright colored food that looked like candies and swirls of ice cream.

"Come children," she said as her ring shone with the colors of the rainbow. "Come eat my good food as you are my guests."

Golden tray of rainbow food in silver bowls.

"Who are you?" asked Katya. "Where do you come from?" Being a cat, Katya felt cautious about this new situation.

"Little Katya, I am the Queen of Emeralds and I live forever in Rainbow."

"How do you know our names?" asked Katya. She didn't like that a stranger, even an Emerald Queen stranger, knew her name.

"Sweet little Katya. Don't worry my child. I know everything that is in Rainbow as it is my domain. My magnificent creation."

Merkeeta, forgetting politeness, asked all in a rush. "Your Highness, is there homework here or chores to do?"

"Silly Merkeeta, do not be concerned. There's never homework or chores in Rainbow. Everything is beautiful and perfect here. You never have to do anything you don't want to do."

"Hooray!" yelled Kicker. "No homework or tests or chores. "I love it here!" Kicker was very glad to change the subject away from the jewelry making mistake.

"Your Highness, how do we get out of Rainbow?" Merkeeta asked.

The Queen of Emeralds looked at each of them and answered, "My children, that is for you to find out."

The Emerald Queen looked down at Katya and Merkeeta and started to smile. She had never met any KidzAnimals before and noticed how fun and lively they were. The Queen was used to her very own quiet and calm world, and she was amazed at how talkative and active these four girls were. Would she want them to live with her in her precious Jewel World? She could teach them all the skills she had used in creating the sparkling and beautiful underground world that they called "Rainbow".

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