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The Jewel World

The Jewel World landscape with the four girls walking through it.

Kicker saw a blue-green glowing light at the end of the tunnel. She started walking in the direction of the turquoise light and told the other girls to follow her. As a girl horse, Kicker liked being boss and leading the way. Just like one horse will lead an entire herd.

"Come on, let's explore," she said as she led the way. The other girls followed her. What they saw in front of them took their breaths away.

They had just entered the most magically bright cavern in the world. It was so large and so tall it was like entering a magical world. Everything they saw was made out of layers of bright, colorful gems. The ground was made out of smooth quartz and was covered in very delicate green crystals which looked like moss. As they walked, their footsteps showed for an instant and then went away as the moss re-grew itself. Patches of clear quarts looked like patches of ice, and light came from those shiny patches and lit up the cavern from below.

"Amazing!" Katya pointed. "It's both light and color, just like the poem!"

As they walked along a mossy path they saw two hummingbirds drinking nectar from huge colorful orange and red flowers. Both the birds and the flowers and the bushes beneath them were made up of colorful jewels. Everything was made of jewels.

And now JenJen couldn't wait to begin naming the jewels...

The Jewel World landscape with all the gemstones shown realistically in front of each gem or crystal structure.

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