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The Jewel World

By the banks of the crystal stream - eating bowls of rainbow food. JenJen sits and eats, Katya sleeps, Merkeeta crosses the stream and Kicker eats.

Seeing that there was food to be served, Kicker took over. She gave each of the girls the brightly colored Rainbow food. Then served herself.

"What is it?" asked Merkeeta. Merkeeta was very picky about food, and being a meerkat girl, loved to eat grains and fruits and meats -- not strange and bright colored jellies. JenJen sniffed at her plate, and then tasted some. Her eyes lit up with enjoyment.

"Oh. Yummy. This is great." She said as she quickly ate.

The other girls copied her and soon found out the food was quite good. The colorful food was wonderful and tasted better than pastries and candies! They ate until they were full and then rested on the bank of the crystal stream.

Kicker leaned back with a smile and said, "I love Rainbow and I never want to leave it."

Katya agreed as she got all cozy and curled up for a nap. With so much food in her belly, Kicker also felt tired, and started dozing.

"I don't know," Merkeeta said as she looked around. She was bored and restless with sitting. She started jumping back and forth on the stones that connected the two sides of the stream. Merkeeta, being a meerkat, wanted to move around and explore.

"I'm starting to feel bored with Rainbow," she said. "I love it too, but I don't want to stay here forever. It's pretty, but then what?"

Still eating, JenJen nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, after you've walked around, collected golden shells, yelled into the echo tunnel, then what do you do?" she asked. "And how do you get out of here?"

Soon Jen fell asleep too.

Katya and Kicker sleep by the crystal stream while Merkeeta crosses the stream. Bowls and tray of rainbow food around them.

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