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The Emerald Queen

The Emerald Queen casts a spell with arms outstretched. Her emerald ring glows with green energy.

Then the Queen cast a powerful spell on the girls. Lights flashed behind her, her emerald ring glowed, and power came out of her fingertips. Truth be told, this spell was actually more show and drama than anything else. But the girls were scared anyway.

"You will STAY in Rainbow, and help me rebuild it," the Queen commanded. "Only then will you be free to leave."

The truth was that the Emerald Queen was a bit lonely in Rainbow. It was her beautiful and magnificent world that went on forever. But with all the lively chatter and activity of the girls around her, the Queen, after living alone for hundreds of years, wanted more of their company. She imagined teaching them all of her skills and arts, and in this way passing on her knowledge. What is the point of creating something so amazing, learning so many skills, if there's no one to share it with?

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