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The Emerald Queen

Merkeeta talks to Wolfinna about how they were having fun but now want to go home. Wolfinna wears her ninja sash and holds out a ninja sash for Merkeeta since she thinks that is why the girls can't get out.

Merkeeta explained it all to Wolfinna in a big rush.

"First we were having fun. We were shouting in the Echo Cavern and exploring the Rainbow Cavern. Then we started collecting gold shells by the crystal stream. But the Emerald Queen got mad about the golden shells."

"She got really mad about the shells," Kicker butted in to back Merkeeta up.

"Yeah, she did," Merkeeta continued. "Now we want to go home, but don't know how."

Wolfinna told the girls that she thinks that they need to wear the ninja sashes to get out.

"You wore these sashes to come in, but took them off," Wolfinna said as she held a sash up to Merkeeta.

"I think you need to wear these to get back to the clubhouse."

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