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The Emerald Queen

Wolfinna warns Maddie who is kneeling in front of a glass rose with butterflies swarming out. Wolfinna says words 'Maddie! Watch out. Don't touch anything. One of the rules of fairytales is to not break anything. Just be careful!'

All at once, Maddie and Wolfinna fell downward and landed in a white crystal tunnel. They got up and looked around. Piled on the ground in a corner, they saw their four friends' clothing. Maddie also saw some black cloth in the pile of clothes. She reached into it and pulled out the four black headbands the girls must have been wearing when they started their adventure.

The two of them walked quietly out of the crystal tunnel and into the blue-green Rainbow cavern. And just like the four other girls, they were amazed at its beauty. Wolfinna and Maddie understood how the beautiful jewel colors of Rainbow might have caused the girls to get distracted and lost.

Maddie saw a wonderful pink rose, and gently touched it. This made a lot of jewel butterflies appear and fly into the sky. The butterflies' wings made a soft musical sound when they flew away.

Wolfinna then warned her friend.

"Maddie, be careful," she warned. "Don't touch, take, or eat anything here."

Wolfinna repeated herself because Maddie didn't seem to take her seriously.

"Remember, do not touch, or take, or eat anything. It's the first rule of fairy tales."

Maddie just smiled at the colorful rose and musical butterflies. She touched the rose again to see more butterflies.

"Be careful Maddie!" Wolfinna said in alarm. "Breaking something is the worst thing you can do in a fairy tale. If you do, you'll end up owing the owner more than you can ever pay back!"

Maddie understood and nodded. They really needed to find their friends. Maddie tucked the four head sashes into her yellow bag and stood up.

They kept on walking until they came to the stream where the girls had first collected shells. There they saw Kicker, Katya, Merkeeta, and JenJen holding hands and wishing that they could return home.

"Hey guys, we're here," Wolfinna called out to them as they walked up. The four girls jumped up to greet them. Then they started talking all at once.

"Watch out." "We're trapped." "The Emerald Queen won't help us." "We don't know how to get out!"

Maddie kneels in front of a glass rose with jewel butterflies flying around.

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