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The Emerald Queen

Maddie throws the emerald into a lake in the woods.

Maddie walked into the woods towards the big lake. When she got to the edge of the lake she reached into her bag and took out the huge emerald. She held it up and looked at it as the sunlight passed through it. It was so perfect.

Maddie wanted to keep this wonderful jewel. But she knew that wouldn't be right. It didn't belong to her. If the Queen of Emeralds couldn't have this emerald, neither would she.

With one powerful motion, Maddie threw the gem into the lake. It went far and sunk down deep, deep into the water. Hopefully it would reach its owner - the beautiful Emerald Queen.

"Go to your true owner," Maddie whispered as she turned to go home.

And deep from the depths of Rainbow, a grateful voice was heard by the frogs and birds of the lake.

"Thank you, sweet mouse. Thank you for being fair."

And Maddie heard it too.

Maddie holds up the Emerald stone.

Page 10


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