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The Awesome Adventure

Charlie surfs his skateboard on blue water that Chimp tips out of a spilt glass of water.

Chimp looked over at Charlie swimming around happily in his water glass. A bad idea popped into Chimp's head. How about he spill that glass over and create even more mess? Chimp was so happy this new naughty idea came to him.

"Oh," Chimp thought. "That's a great idea of how I can be bad!" So, Chimp proceeded to knock over the full glass of water with Charlie still in it. "Why not?" Chimp thought. "I asked for my wish, and MY wish has been GRANTED!"

As the water spilled all over the page, Charlie quickly adjusted, and used the splashy wave to surf on his skateboard. Charlie loved Chimp's mischief too, 'cause he had never surfed on a skateboard, but found out it was fun.

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