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The Awesome Adventure

Pammie and Bixie are dressed as princesses in cardboard castle while Rusty fights a dragon and Pandish fights a knight.

Meanwhile, in another part of this colorful world, the four KidzAnimals who wanted a castle adventure found themselves in their very own castle. True, it was a cardboard castle instead of one built out of stone, but it was still a great adventure.

"Look at my real princess gown!" Pammie exclaimed, as she looked out of a high castle window.

"I see you!" Bixie replied back. "Look at my own real gown," she told Pammie. "Look at my princess hat too!" Bixie excitedly pointed out.

"This is so much better than make believe!" Pammie yelled back.

Looking out of their high turret windows, Pammie and Bixie could see Parker and Pandish fighting with toy swords.

Parker was fighting a fire breathing dragon while shouting "TAKE THAT!"

And on the other side, Pandish was fighting a toy soldier, while yelling, "On guard!" at he struck his sword.

Obviously, the boys were having fun too! The castle wish was a perfect wish for these four Kidz.

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