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The Awesome Adventure

Two poems of 'The Wishing Stone' on lined paper with the wishing stone showing the glittering colorful imagination dust.

Katya then decided that since she was in charge, she should also be allowed a second wish. After all, she had worked hard and made all the extra sashes that everyone was using. Because of her efforts, now 15 of them could travel together instead on only Parker's original six.

"I'd just love to see an amazing fashion show with clothes from all over the world," she told everyone.

With all these different wishes what type of adventure could happen? Outer space and castles, animals and fashion shows, tea parties and mud? So many possibilities. . . How could all these wishes happen and be granted at one time?

The KidzAnimals chanted both of JenJen's poems:

Wishing stone there in the sand,
Lead us on adventure grand!

Wishing stone, like no other,
Take us to worlds of light and color!

After the two poems were chanted, the group of friends waited for their wish to happen. . .

At first, nothing happened and they all wondered where they would go and what would happen next. Maybe the wishing stone didn't work with so many confusing wishes. Or didn't work when there were too many adventurers to carry into a dream world.

But the next moment. . .

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