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The Awesome Adventure

15 KidzAnimals are together wearing head sashes and talking about their wishes in which show in picture bubbles above their heads.

Then Bixie and Pammie told everyone their wishes - "To be princesses and live in a castle and wear pretty princess gowns." Then Parker joined in - "Maybe we can go on the same castle adventure and I'll fight a fire breathing dragon while Pandish fights to defend the castle."

Pandish nodded yes and agreed. If four of the group had a castle wish, maybe their wish would be granted instead of everyone else's.

"Let's go to medieval Europe and be knights and ladies of the castle!" Pandish loudly suggested. He was hoping that if he said it loud, and with enthusiasm, others would join in.

Charlie, the boy otter had a simple wish - "I want to swim like otters love to do," he told the others. Maybe they all could all go on a cool underwater adventure.

Dusty, being in love with dirt and mud puddles said, "I want to get muddy and super dirty!" He had heard Chimp describe in great detail, the ooey gooey time he had when the Blue World melted, and Chimp had floated in blue slime. "If only it could be mud," Dusty silently wished for.

When it was Chimp's turn to wish, he was so hyper and excited all he could do was laugh. Finally, Chimp got the words out.

"I want to laugh and have fun and be bad and get into mischief!" Chimp managed to say between his laughter.

Suddenly, Tedds and Wolfinna, two of the woodland animals, came rushing out of the woods. They had heard about this big adventure, that it was going to be awesome, and they didn't want to miss it. No matter what, they didn't want to miss out.

"What are you doing?" Tedds asked.

"Where are you going?" Wolfinna asked while skipping over rocks. "Is it too late to join in?"

"No," Katya told them, handing them head sashes. "Everybody's suggesting where we all want to travel to," she explained. "Where do you want to go to?"

Tedds knew right away, "I know where I want to go," Tedds replied excitedly. Then he shouted, "I WANT TO GO TO YELLOWSTONE! I want to see real live buffalo and see Old Faithful, an amazing geyser."

This reminded Wolfinna of her own dream, to see an actual wolf, the ancestor of her KidzAnimals' species. "I hope to see a real live wolf and her cute little wolf cub," she told everyone. "Maybe we could go to Yellowstone Park together and see wolves too."

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