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The Awesome Adventure

The Art Room has art projects of World Fashions, Interior Design, Water color, mobiles, castle and dragons, Gestures, Origami, Bison and Wolf puppets, Potters Wheel. The little KidzAnimals run away on counter that has a water color painting and spilt water glass.


Everything was happening all at once, and now every place the KidzAnimals had visited and enjoyed made perfect sense.

The spinning potter's wheel that Dusty, Chimp and Charlie had played on was sitting on a large blue table. The clay bowl that was being made now looked a bit cracked!

Next to it, on the wall, was a poster labeled "Origami" showing the three origami animals and two butterflies of Tammie and Elena's petting zoo.

On the long countertop at the other side of the room, stood a diorama of a castle constructed out of cardboard. There was a toy dragon inside the castle scene with a toy knight fighting it.

Over on the middle countertop, a messy watercolor painting was soaked from a knocked over glass of water - there was water and paint puddles everywhere!

On the wall, above the cardboard castle, a shelf holding four dolls from around the world had a sign reading "World Fashions".

Below the dolls, a scene labeled "Interior Design" had been made out of a small table and two chairs set on a colorful napkin, with little play dishes on the table.

Two animal masks were displayed on the wall under a sign titled, "Puppets". The paper bag masks were of a bison and a wolf.

And high up in the corner two mobiles continued spinning from the ceiling.

On a shelf, right below the mobiles, stood three bright colored pipe cleaner figures with a label called "Gestures".

Charlie on his skateboard holds a sword and fights 3 gesture people made out of pipe cleaners.


The three pipe cleaner gesture "people" were chasing the KidzAnimals down the counter and out of the art room. Parker, holding a sword, and Charlie on his skateboard, were fighting them off.

Meanwhile, Chimp and Dusty were running away from the messy watercolor. Katya and Punky had jumped off the Interior Design shelf and were running away too.

While Charlie held the gesture people back with his raised sword, the others escaped.

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