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The Awesome Adventure

Rusty flies airplane saying 'Whoa!' and JenJen in hot air balloon.

Soaring through the air on a fast, green plane, Rusty was having the time of his life. He had wished for a rocket ship ride, but this was super cool! He wouldn't trade it for anything!

"WHOA!" Rusty shouted as he twisted and turned in the air. "THIS IS AWESOME!"

Off in the distance he could see JenJen, floating through the breeze in a large hot air balloon. "So much, for wishing to float through outer space as an astronaut," thought Rusty. "We got part of our wish right at least. And this adventure is really, really cool."

"Hi Rusty!" JenJen waved and shouted in the distance. "I'm having a great time, how about you?!" She had to yell so Rusty could hear her.

"This isn't outer space, but I love the view from up high," she shouted to him. "And I'm definitely floating."

JenJen could see everything below her.

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