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The Awesome Adventure

15 KidzAnimals are gathering happily together in an outdoor landscape.

Fifteen KidzAnimals decided to meet together one Saturday because it was time for a new, big adventure. They needed to choose where to go, and with 15 Kidz it seemed like there would be 15 wishes in all. How would they ever even decide on one place? How would they ever decide on one adventure? There was no way that so many Kidz could fit in the Secret Clubhouse in the woods, so they met in a grassy field instead.

Katya, as the owner of the new fabric sashes was sort of in charge. So, she told everyone what to do, and what she wanted on an adventure.

"Everyone," Katya directed. "Put on your sashes."

"Let's begin sharing our favorite dream of where we want to go," Katya told the other Kidz. "I want to see lot's of colorful artwork. That's what I want," she said. "Colorful art made by amazing artists."

Then Rusty spoke up. "I want to be an astronaut," he said. "And see all the planets and stars from a fast rocket ship in outer space."

"Oooh," JenJen joined in, "I've always wanted to be an astronaut too. Then I could see the earth from far above, floating in outer space."

Jen explained further, "It's on my bucket list. That's a list of wishes you make up," she told them.

Punky was looking at Katya because she wanted to do something with her. Punky loved the older girls and hoped to go with Katya on an adventure. "I want to go on a big girl tea party with Katya," Punky piped up.

That made Elena, Punky's best friend, sad. She had hoped to go an adventure with Punky. But Elena wanted to do something different than a tea party. "I want to make friends with animals," Elena told everyone. "With fun happy animals, maybe even giraffes and elephants."

When Tammie heard that, she agreed - "I want to visit a zoo and see different animals," she said. But everyone told her that you don't need a special adventure to see animals. Tammie wanted to be a veterinarian - an animal doctor - when she grew up, so seeing animals now was exactly what she wanted.

The KidzAnimals Put On the Sashes

15 KidzAnimals are together wearing head sashes in an outdoor landscape. The girls are wearing colorful patterned sashes while the boys wear the black ninja sashes.

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