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The Time Twister

The magic spinner view shows an ancient castle. In front of it is a time twister with the four boys inside of the tornado.

In a flash of light, Parker and the other three boys start turning inside a gray whirl.

"WHOA!" Parker yells. In the gray fog, he can see Pandish and the twins whirling around with him.

"COOL!" Rusty and Dusty shout out together.

It's a strange feeling. Not really a scary or dangerous feeling. Just a light and dizzy feeling.

"It's a huge twister - a tornado!" Pandish shouts. "I think it's a time tunnel!"

The boys can see sparks and lights flashing around them. Sometimes they can see a scene from history below them. They see an old stone castle in the Magic Spinner glass.

"Where are we going?" Parker shouts.

"We're landing!" Rusty shouts back. "Watch it!"

"WATCH IT!" Dusty warns them as they land on the ground.

They are dumped onto a green hillside. Where are they? Are they in The Valley? Are they back home?

They look around and see a castle in the distance. Flags wave proudly in the air and knights on horses swarm around the castle. Pandish waves his sword around, ready to defend the castle too.

Pandish stands in front of the magic spinner glass waving a sword and carrying the banner flag with the KidzAnimals logo on it. Next to him the time twister is spinning like a tornado. Behind him is the magic spinner with the castle.

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