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The Time Twister

Inside the clubhouse - Rusty, Dusty, Pandish and Parker share their wishes. The magic spinner and samurai sword are on the floor.

Inside the clubhouse, the four boys sit on the floor and talk more about the magic spinner and the possibility of time travel.

"Egypt would be so cool," Parker says. "We could go inside a pyramid. We could look at all the things the Pharaohs were buried with."

Parker takes out the ancient scrolls he had found yesterday with his grandfather's things. More and more, they are thinking about time travel.

"We could take gold!" Dusty shouts out. "Lots of Pharaoh's gold."

"But we might be chased by a mummy if we steal his gold," Rusty warns them as he lifts his arms up to show them.

"I'm worried about the Mummy's Curse," Rusty says "We should just look at everything and not take anything."

"Don't worry," Pandish says. "The old kings, the Pharaohs, have been dead for a long time. No one will even know if we take some gold back."

"Well, I want to go way, way back in time and see dinosaurs," Dusty says. "That would be so cool."

Dusty loves getting dirty and digging in the dirt. So, when he found out that archeologists dig in the dirt looking for dinosaur bones, he was hooked.

"Oh yeah!" Pandish agrees. "Real live dinosaurs!"

Pandish loves reading about dinosaurs almost as much as he loves reading about knights and castles and battles.

"But what if a dinosaur sees us and tries to catch us?" Parker asks.

"That won't happen," Pandish replies with confidence. "In time travel stories the traveler is always invisible. We can be there seeing everything - but no one sees us."

"I'm not sure about that," Parker says. "Are you sure? Absolutely sure?"

"I'm SURE!" Pandish replies. "I know what I'm talking about. In every story I've read, being invisible protects the time traveler as they visit different places. It's cool. You can see them, but they can't see you. I promise."

Inside the clubhouse - boys share their wishes. Wish image overlays of toy rocket ship over Rusty, toy dinosaurs over Dusty, toy castle over Pandish and toy pyramid over Parker.

Rusty wants to talk about his ideal adventure too. The other KidzAnimals all want to go into the past - to Egypt, castles, dinosaurs. But he wants to go into the future. Rusty loves fast things - and nothing is faster than a ROCKET!

"Well, I want to go on a rocket ship and see all the planets," he tells them.

"Yeah, that would be cool." Parker agrees. "But not as cool as Egypt."

"Or dinosaurs," Dusty chimes in.

"Or MY idea," Pandish again describes his favorite thing. "Everyone loves castles and tales of knights. We can be brave knights and I can ride a decorated horse. And I'll be so brave that all the fair maidens will fall in love with me."

Parker asks him, "Why do we have to go into a battle? Why can't we just watch from behind a tree or something? It would be a lot safer."

"But I want to fight," Pandish says. "I want to be part of it all. That's the fun of it."

"I agree with Parker," Rusty says. "That could be dangerous."

"No, no, no. Don't worry," Pandish tries to convince them. "I know all there is to know about time travel. We will be safe - I promise. The time traveler is always safe from true danger.

"Are you sure?" Parker asks again.

"I'm sure," Pandish says. "Guys, trust me. Don't worry so much. We'll be safe."

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