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The Time Twister

Story illustration - Rusty throwing a toy plane with Pandish and Parker laughing. Pandish holds the Magic Spinner and the two Japanese scrolls are on the bed.

On Sunday morning Parker wakes up with his mind filled with exciting thoughts. He can't wait to show the scrolls and the magic spinner to his friends, Pandish and Rusty. (The scrolls and magic spinner were introduced in the story “The Magic Spinner”)

They had a plan to meet at the clubhouse in the woods. Parker calls each of them and tells them to meet at his house instead. Reason: Top Secret.

Parker gets on the phone and dials.

"Hi Rusty," he says. "Can you meet at my house first? I have something I want to show you. Something really cool."

"Really cool?" Rusty asks.

"Really, really cool!" Parker insists. "Hey, I gotta call Pandish. Be here in half an hour - that’s an order!"

Then Parker calls Pandish and tells him the same thing. But Pandish doesn't want to change plans.

"Come on, Parker," Pandish keeps asking. "Tell me what's so special."

"I already told you. It's secret," Parker explains.

"Secret? Just give me a hint," Pandish begs. "Just one little hint."

"Look Pand, it's a secret. Top secret emergency meeting," Parker says.

When the boys come over, they hang out in Parker's room. Parker shows them the magic spinner, the two scrolls, and the two poems he had written the day before at the restaurant. Pandish reads the poems Parker wrote down.

"Travel far, travel fast. to the past," Pandish reads out loud. "Hmmmm. travel to another world. "

Pandish raises his eyebrows. "Time travel maybe?" he suggests.

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