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The Magic Spinner

In the kitchen, Parker brings his plate to the sink, Punky eats bread at the table. In the background, Mom sits in front of stacked boxes and packs them.

It's Saturday morning in the raccoon house, and Mrs. Racoosin, Parker and Punky's Mom, has decided that today will be "Clean the Attic Day". Parker frowns over his pancakes.

"But Mom," he complains. "I was going to hang out with Pandish and Rusty today. We have plans. Can't we do it later?"

Mom shakes her head. "No. We're going to clean it up today. Maybe you can see them tomorrow."

Punky then copies her big brother Parker. "Come on Mom. Can't we do this in a few weeks?" she whines.

"Punky, stop that! Both of you, stop moaning and groaning. Finish up your breakfasts so we can get this done."

Mrs. Racoosin climbs up the stairs into the attic. She looks around and can't believe it.

"What a mess," she says as she sees all the empty boxes filled with old clothing, broken lamps, odds and ends, and who knows what. "This place is too messy."

Parker sighs and brings his plate to the sink. Punky copies him and sighs too.

Parker starts up the attic stairs and climbs into the attic with Punky following close behind him.

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