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Katya’s Special Day

In the sewing room, Katya holds her new head sashes with more sashes on a hanger. A sign on the wall says 'Katya's Proud Accomplishment'.

Once back home, Katya was very pleased. Very, very pleased. First, she had to get over her shock that her adventure had gotten a little "tricky" at the end. But overall it was a great adventure! It was a new and exciting world to visit! The various wishes of the Kidz all had been granted - lots of blue (!), soft and super fun - all granted.

And her own wish, what she cared about the most, was granted too! That she would be able to sew her own head sashes and then be able to time travel with her friends.

The sashes worked and she had proof.

Now Katya wanted to sew even more head sashes for all her friends. With all her scrap fabrics that she had saved over the years, she could sew enough sashes for all the KidzAnimals to go on even more new adventures. They wouldn't have to "borrow" Parker's sashes anymore. Plus, they would have more than six sashes for larger adventures involving more KidzAnimals.

The next day, Katya sat down at her sewing machine and got to work right away. Meanwhile, Parker had heard about their successful travel to The Blue World. Now Parker also wanted some more black ninja sashes made. That way, more than six Kidz could go on each adventure. Parker hoped that Katya wasn't mad at him about anything. He was hoping Katya would make him more sashes too.

So, Parker asked Katya if she'd sew him more black ninja sashes.

"Katya, can I ask you a huge favor?" Parker asked. "Will you sew more ninja sashes for me too?"

Katya smiled at this. Friends are friends after all, even if there's a little trouble along the way.

"Of course, Parker," she replied with a smile. "I'll make you more sashes too."

Katya ended up spending the rest of the day sewing sashes. Both colorful ones and black ones. She was very happy working alone like this on a favorite hobby.

When Katya was finished, she was very proud of her accomplishment. She looked at all the sashes she had made, those that were hanging, and those she spread out carefully in her hand. Seeing them all made her feel extra proud!



The End

The words 'The End' in colorful fabric letters with four head sashes hanging on a hanger.

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