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Katya’s Special Day

Kicker models different colored fabrics in four images over a colorful fabric background.

Then Kicker tried on a striped fabric that matched Maddie's shirt.

"What about this? Maybe this one should be Maddie's?" Kicker mentioned as she considered it.

Kicker asked Maddie what she thought. Maddie had to stop her work to look up at Kicker.

"Sure, that's fine," said Maddie calmly and not too excitedly. Maddie, being a mouse, was a bit scared about time travel.

"It's one thing to make fun colorful head scarves, but quite another thing to actually use them," thought Maddie.

Throughout the afternoon Kicker kept distracting Katya and Maddie. Again and again, Kicker chatted while the two girls worked.

She didn't realize that Katya and Maddie were focused on sewing sashes and cutting fabrics. Needles are pointy, sewing machines run fast, and scissors are sharp. They both had to stop their work and look up each time Kicker distracted them. It would be dangerous to keep sewing or cutting while looking at Kicker.

Maddie cuts fabric with sharp scissors.

"Look at me, look here..." "What do you think of this color?..." "Hey Maddie, that's a good green color for Wolfinna..."

Finally, in spite of all of Kicker's distractions, the three girls completed six new, colorful head sashes. Katya and Maddie felt very proud of themselves and their work. Hopefully they could go on another adventure together soon! Hopefully the new head sashes worked!

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