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The Jewel World

Merkeeta, JenJen, Kicker and Katya in bright rainbow gowns are in a shining, light blue world and play with the falling crystals as if they are snow.

Suddenly the girls started falling through a white crystal tunnel. They tumbled down and landed at the bottom.

They were surrounded by many bright reflections from the walls of the tunnel. As they got used to the light, they looked around. They could hardly believe what they saw. Their regular clothes were nowhere to be seen. Their "ninja" sashes were also gone. Instead, each of them was dressed in a bright, shiny silk gown. Each gown was a different amazing color than the other three.

"They're fairy clothes," whispered Kicker.

"No, not fairy clothes. I think they're rainbow gowns," whispered JenJen.

"They're beautiful," said Katya looking down with happiness. "We're beautiful."

Merkeeta spun around. "Why are we whispering?" she yelled. She liked talking and all this whispering was too quiet for her.

"We're in Rainbow!" she shouted even louder. Her voice echoed through the tunnel. You could hear echoing back -- "We're in Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow. We're in Rainbow, Rainbow, Rainbow."

The loud sounds shook little crystals from of walls of the tunnel and they fell down on the girls like soft snow. All four girls started shouting and laughing. Then more and more crystals showered down on them and piled up like snow under their feet. They kicked at these crystal piles with their colorful cloth shoes until they got bored.

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