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The Jewel World

JenJen stands and reads her poems while Kicker laughs and Merkeeta and Katya watch. The wishing stone on the ground glows with colorful imagination dust.

"But how will we replace the ancient poems that Parker and the other boys read?" Katya asked. "Do we simply wish our way into Rainbow?"

At that point JenJen once again had an answer.

"I wrote some poems to help us," she said. "I even decorated them."

She stood up and read her first poem in an excited and very dramatic way.

"Here goes...

"The Wishing Stone"

"Wishing stone
There in the sand
Lead us on
Adventures Grand!"

The dramatic way in which JenJen read the poem made Kicker giggle. She held her hand over her mouth and laughed at Jen, which was a little mean. Kicker was used to being the boss. She probably felt jealous that JenJen thought about writing these poems. So she started saying things about JenJen's short poem.

JenJen reads The Wishing Stone poems with Merkeeta watching. The two Wishing Stone poems are shown as an overlay.

"Why do you say in the sand?" Kicker asked. "There's no sand here, just grass and dirt." Kicker just  kept laughing in a teasing way.

JenJen just stood there and frowned. She had used the word "sand" so it would rhyme with "grand". Jen didn't know whether to read her second poem or not. She sighed.

Katya wanted to hear Jen's other poem, so she tried to stop Kicker. Then she asked JenJen to read the next poem.

"Kicker, stop. I want to hear Jen's other poem," Katya said. She smiled at JenJen and waited.

"Okay, here's my other poem," JenJen said a little more quietly. She again spoke in a dramatic way.

"The Wishing Stone"

"Wishing stone
Like no other
Take us to worlds
Of Light and Color!"

When JenJen read the second poem the wishing stone started glowing with greenish and purplish light.

The girls' eyes got big as the wishing stone glowed. Sparkly dust in all the colors of the rainbow began floating and swirling out of the stone.

"Whoa!" "Did you see that?" "I think I did" "It glowed!" "WOW!" "It glowed!"

Kicker changed her mind and realized that JenJen had written some powerful poems.

Merkeeta, Kicker and Katya sitting on the ground with an overlay of the Wishing Stone and colorful imagination dust floating around.

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