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The Jewel World

In front of the clubhouse, Merkeeta, Katya, JenJen and Kicker sit in front of a large tree and describe their wishes.

Merkeeta, a lively meerkat, Katya, a fluffy Persian cat, JenJen, a girl Guinea pig, and Kicker a tall girl horse all want to go on adventures! They heard about Parker and his friends travelling to other amazing places like Egypt and outer space, and now these four friends want to go on their own adventure together too. When JenJen heard of their plans, she begged them to let her go with them. She was always tagging along anyway and trying to become part of their group.

At first Parker and his friends tried to keep their adventure a secret. But over time, little bits of their secret leaked out. And before too long they were bragging to everyone how they had been inside a pyramid, seen dinosaurs, and even fought in a battle with knights and castles. All the KidzAnimals thought that they were making up stories, but Kicker and her friends wanted to try too! Try to go on a special, wonderful adventure of their own!

The girls heard that Parker and his friends had been inside the inside the Secret Clubhouse in the woods with Parker's Magic Spinner, two ancient poems and some ninja sashes. So, the four of them decided to "borrow" Parker's head sashes and his other things too, and wish their way into their own adventure. Even though they didn't ask, the girls took the black headbands out of Parker's hiding place in the corner of the clubhouse. They couldn't find Parker's Magic Spinner or his two scrolls with the poems anywhere -- so they talked about what to do next.

Kicker thought that the clubhouse was kind of damp and dirty. She looked around and wrinkled her nose.

"It smells bad in here," she said. "And there are probably spiders in here, too."

"Spiders?" Katya asked fearfully as she looked at all the dark corners. "Let's not stay." Cats hate getting their fur dirty, and Katya, a girl cat was no exception.

"Yeah, let's get out of here," Kicker agreed.

Kicker and Katya walked out of the clubhouse and the Merkeeta and JenJen followed after them. There was a large willow tree close to the clubhouse and the four girls sat down on the soft ground beneath it.

"Well, now what?" Kicker asked Merkeeta. "We don't have Parker's Magic Spinner or his poems to read before we travel. What should we do?"

"Let's put on the ninja sashes at least," suggested Merkeeta.

"I have a magic stone," JenJen spoke up. "It's from my rock collection. It's a wishing stone. I think it's special."

She showed them a bright blue and green stone from her rock collection that was glittery and looked special. JenJen loved jewels and gemstones and was happy to share her hobby. Then the girls had to decide where to go. Of course, each of them had their own ideas.

"I want to go to a beautiful amazing garden," said Merkeeta.

"Or how about a tropical jungle filled with vines and huge flowers all over the place and lots of parrots and ripe fruit in the trees?" Katya joined in.

"Wait," Kicker said. "I know the perfect place." She raised her arms for silence. "Imagine being inside a huge, bright rainbow with lots of wonderful colors shining on us."

"Ooooh, Rainbow," the others said as they imagined it.

In front of the clubhouse, Merkeeta, Katya, JenJen and Kicker sit and describe their wishes. Three colorful bubbles above them show their wishes of trees and butterflies, parrots in a jungle, a rainbow in the sky.

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