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The Emerald Queen

The six girls, wearing their regular clothes and the ninja sashes, run out of the blue jewel world cavern with the Emerald Queen in the background.

The six KidzAnimals girls ran as fast as they could to escape! Once the spell was broken, their Rainbow gowns were suddenly replaced with their normal clothes. They kept on running, but now they weren't exactly sure which tunnel to run into. There were so many tunnels, and they all looked the same!

Luckily, Wolfinna, with her wolf instincts ran first and showed the girls how to escape. Kicker followed -- and with her strong lead-horse instincts -- lead the others right behind her. Merkeeta, Katya, JenJen and Maddie ran to follow.

The Emerald Queen kept on shouting after them and commanded them to stop. Without her magic emerald, she wasn't as strong as before.

Even though she had lost the emerald, the Queen was still very powerful. She could have easily stopped the girls. SHE could have won this battle. To tell you the truth, the Queen didn't really want to stop them. She longed for the quiet of her underground domain.

"Wait, don't leave," she shouted behind them. "I ORDER you to stop!"

But the girls ran as fast as they could, now that the spell was broken.

"Remember your promise!" the Emerald Queen could be heard in the distance.

"Remember your promise!" echoed through the caverns, following the girls on their escape.

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