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The Emerald Queen

Wolfinna, Merkeeta and Katya talk to the Emerald Queen. Wolfinna is wearing her ninja sash, while Merkeeta only holds hers.

The Emerald Queen appeared before the girls with a flash of green light. For the first time Wolfinna and Maddie could see her for themselves. In turn, the Queen was interested in meeting more KidzAnimals children - this time a wolf-girl and a girl mouse.

"They will not be able to leave my world," the Queen warned Wolfinna. "Until they return what they have taken from me."

"But they haven't taken anything, your highness," Wolfinna started out. "They just want to return home to The Valley. What have they taken?"

"For one you stole MY GOLD!" the Emerald Queen responded. The Queen raised her jeweled arms and pointed her finger at them. "Then you ate MY FOOD!"

"But I thought they returned the golden shells," Wolfinna defended her friends.

"You have entered MY Jewel World. You have eaten MY FOOD. You have ruined the beauty I have taken so long to create. And you STOLE MY GOLD!" she said as she pointed her finger with the huge emerald ring on it.

"We, we never meant to steal your gold," Merkeeta said. "We gave it all back to you, every last shell."

"And you offered us that food. We didn't take it." Katya said. "Plus, we never destroyed anything. Did we?" She turned to look at her friends.

"YOU DID! YOU DID!" shouted the Emerald Queen. "You destroyed beauty which took years and years to grow."

"Look," she pointed behind them.

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