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The Emerald Queen

Wolfinna and Maddie in front of the clubhouse. Wolfinna holds a slingshot and bamboo staff. The two Wishing Stone poems on the side.

Back in the woods, Maddie and Wolfinna began looking for their four missing friends, Kicker, Merkeeta, Katya and JenJen. The four girls had told Wolfinna and Maddie (and a lot of other KidzAnimals!) that they were going on an adventure of their own at the secret clubhouse. But now Wolfinna and Maddie couldn't find them. They knew that their friends had gone to the clubhouse in the woods - but where they had gone off to? Wolfinna thought that maybe the girls had tried to go on their own adventure. But where?

When they came up to the clubhouse, they saw that the door was left open. Maddie went inside the clubhouse and saw two of Parker's black sashes on the floor. Didn't Parker boast that he had six sashes in all? Maddie knew that Parker would never leave his grandfather's things lying around like that. The girls must have been in here.

Under the willow tree, lying on the ground, were the two poems that JenJen had written and the bright blue and green stone. Now Maddie was sure of it. The four girls had been here.

"Wolfinna, come here," Maddie called. "Do you think the girls did go into an adventure? Maybe what Parker was talking about really happened."

Maddie and Wolfinna had to decide what to do.

"Do you think we should follow them?" Maddie asked her friend.

Wolfinna nodded yes.

"They may need us," Wolfinna said. "They might not know how to defend themselves without any fighting skills." You see, as a wolf-girl, Wolfinna was a little bit braver than the other girls.

"But how will we find them?" asked Maddie. "How will we know where they went? They could be anywhere."

Wolfinna thought about it. There had to be an answer - there had to be a way.

"We have to try Maddie. Let's just try," suggested Wolfinna. "But wait."

Wolfinna picked up a slingshot that was lying on the floor. Then she put on a ninja sash. Maddie copied her and put on the last of Parker's head sashes.

They left the clubhouse and went under the willow tree. Then Maddie, holding Jen's two poems, and Wolfinna, holding the wishing stone, read the two poems. Then they spoke their wish to find their friends and follow them.

The two poems titled 'The Wishing Stone' are decorated with colorful drawings on lined paper with the wishing stone and imagination dust in front.

Wishing stone
There in the sand
Lead us on
Adventures Grand!

Wishing stone
Like no other
Take us to worlds
Of Light and Color!

        Follow. . .

At the same time, far away, underground in The Jewel World, Katya, Kicker, JenJen and Merkeeta, are seen kneeling; dressed in bright colorful outfits, holding hands, wishing about home and repeating these words together:

The Valley.
    The Valley.
        The Valley. . .

Merkeeta, Katya, Kicker and JenJen are praying in a circle holding hands. On the outside of the circle Wolfinna holds the wishing stone and Maddie holds the poems.

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