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The Awesome Adventure

Kidz’ Wishes Page

Sketch of an artist with a paint brush.

Katya’s Wish

To see lots of colorful and fun art done by great artists.

Sketch of two models at a fashion show.

Katya’s Second Wish

Seeing clothing from around the world in a fashion show!

Sketch of Punky and Katya holding tea cups with Punky also holding a cookie and saying 'Tea Party'.

Punky’s Wish

Having a big girl tea party with her friend Katya.


Tedd’s Wish

Going to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful and a buffalo!


Wolfinna’s Wish

To see a real wolf and her little wolf cub.

Sketch of two astronauts.

JenJen & Rusty’s Wish

Floating in outer space and seeing all the planets & stars.

Sketch of Parker fighting a fire breathing dragon.

Parker’s Wish

Fighting a fire-breathing dragon!

Sketch of Bixie and Pammie as princesses.

Bixie & Pammie’s Wish

Being princesses and wearing real princess gowns.

Sketch of a castle with two knights with their swords drawn.

Pandish’s Wish

Being a knight and fighting to defend the castle.

Sketch of Dusty splashing in mud.

Dusty’s Wish

Jumping into a mud puddle & getting as dirty as possible!

Sketch of Charlie in goggles swimming under water.

Charlie’s Wish

To swim underwater like otters love to do.

Sketch of words 'Ha Ha Ha Ha... '.

Chimp’s Wish

To laugh and have fun and be bad and get into lots of mischief!

Sketch of giraffe and elephant.

Elena’s Wish

Making friends with lots of happy animals.

Sketch of a Zoo with a bear and a lion in cages. Two figures look at the animals.

Tammie’s Wish

Visiting a zoo and learning about all the different animals.

Rusty and Katya with words 'Awesome Adventure'.

Everyone’s Wish

For all the KidzAnimals to go on an Awesome Adventure!

Wishes Page


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