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The Awesome Adventure

Katya and Punky enjoy a tea party with an African doll, Barbie doll, Geisha doll and Hawaiian doll.

In a more quiet area of this world, Katya and Punky were having the "big girl" tea party Punky had dreamed of. They were sitting on chairs made out of thread spools with taped cardboard backs. The chairs weren't very comfortable, but that was all they had to sit on. Under the chairs and little table was a bright green, yellow, purple and orange paper napkin. It was colorful for sure.

Two dolls were serving the girls tea and cookies, while two other dolls were making music and entertaining them. It took awhile for Katya to realize that the four dolls were actually dolls from around the world, all dressed in different costumes.

"Just like a fashion show!" Katya exclaimed. This must be the world fashion show she wished for when their adventure had begun. "This is my fashion show with models from all over the world," Katya said with a smile.

An African cloth doll from Senegal, wearing a colorful striped dress with a beautiful turban on her head, clapped her hands and sang to the music. Meanwhile, the Hawaiian doll, with a large red flower in her long hair and wearing a grass hula skirt, strummed on a ukulele to entertain the two guests.

They sounded good together - plus it was interesting to be entertained by dolls that had come to life.

A Barbie doll from England served Katya tea and asked her, "More tea Miss?" in a British accent.

"Would you like a cookie?" the Japanese doll in a red silk kimono asked Punky. The cookies were orange and yellow and looked really good, so Punky eagerly took one.

"Yucky!" Punky said while sticking out her tongue. "Blech!" She realized the cookies were salty and made out of orange and yellow Playdough. Blah. The Japanese doll was holding a blue water bottle cap and serving fake cookies!

When Katya drank some of her tea, it tasted like mint. Sort of like the taste of toothpaste. She realized that the teacups were toothpaste caps. It still tasted okay, so Katya drank her tea, enjoying the entire experience.

Katya and Punky enjoy a tea party with an African doll, Barbie doll, Geisha doll and Hawaiian doll.

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