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The Awesome Adventure

Dusty slides down a paint puddle, Charlie hangs out in a glass of water, Chimp makes paint footprints in a water color scene.

"WOO HOOOOOO!" Dusty shouted while sailing down an orange paint Slip and Slide on this belly! "Yahoooo!" he shouted as he slid down the page of paper, leaving an orange paint trail behind him. Now, on top of the mud from the spinning potter's wheel, he had bright paint splashes on his ears, hands and overalls.

Just when you think life can't get any better, it does!

Charlie, the otter boy, was clinging to a glass of clear water. He was hanging on as if he was on the side of a swimming pool. Every once in a while, he dunked himself fully into the water and swam in circles under water, playing with a huge paintbrush. It was so fun to look through the watery, blurry glass from under water, and watch his two friends cover themselves with paint. Then Charlie would go back to hanging off the edge, his hair and fur dripping wet.

Chimp, meanwhile, was running all over the white page with paint on his bare feet. First, he'd jump into a spilled paint puddle, then run all other the page, leaving colorful paint footprints behind him. He was so glad to find some great mischief to get into. It probably couldn't get better than this. . .

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