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The Awesome Adventure

Charlie, Dusty and Chimp play inside a clay pot on a spinning potters wheel.

The next moment Dusty, Charlie and Chimp were spinning wildly and really fast in a fun ride!

Around and around they went in fast circles. They loved it so much and were all having the best time! For Dusty, the best thing of all was that the ride was super dirty and muddy and getting all over his hands and clothes. With each fast turn, even more drippy mud splashed him.

Charlie clung to the side and held on to the clay as it spun around. And best of all, Chimp was flying off from the edge, his tail waving around for balance, as the huge and fast potter's wheel spun.

"This is the best! I love it!" Chimp shouted as his feet and tail lifted up into the air. "Dusty, you're covered in mud!"

"Alright!" Dusty shouted back. "My wish is coming true!"

The three boys laughed and laughed at their fun adventure.

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