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The Awesome Adventure

JenJen in a hot air balloon mobile and Rusty in an airplane mobile see a planet mobile behind them.

From up high, it was soon clear that JenJen's hot air balloon and Rusty's plane were both part of a children's mobile. And close to their mobile was another mobile of the planets.

"Look JenJen," Rusty yelled across to her. "It's Earth and the planets!"

"I see, I don't believe it!" replied JenJen with a laugh. "We asked to see the solar system, and now, seeing that planetary mobile over there, we get to."

"Look at Mars and Saturn - and Saturn's rings," Rusty pointed out. "I guess in its own way, our wish came true."

Being part of the mobile allowed the two of them to see everything happening beneath them. Now JenJen and Rusty both could see exactly where they were. They were actually circling high above. . .

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