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The Awesome Adventure


In a more natural setting, filled with green rolling hills and pine forests, Tedds and Wolfinna were visiting Yellowstone National Park. This had been a forever dream of Tedds and he was thrilled. At last, after all these years of waiting, he was finally visiting Yellowstone! And better yet, visiting with his friend Wolfinna.

They both hung from the handles of the tall metal viewfinder and spun it around, as if they were spinning on a playground toy. Wolfinna looked through the viewfinder lenses first and spotted a female wolf with her little wolf club. Now Wolfinna could see the animal species that she and her family had come from.

When it was Tedds' turn, he pointed the viewfinder in the direction of a huge bison and looked through the eye pieces. The bison was even larger in close up.

"It's a bison!" Tedds explained to Wolfinna. "They were reintroduced to Yellowstone in 1902 and are thriving. They love the deep snows of winter and the bounty of summer grazing."

Then he remembered that he also wanted to see Old Faithful. Tedds took one last looked at his favorite buffalo and turned the viewfinder again. Off in the distance, Tedds could see the Old Faithful geyser spewing its heated fountain of water high up into the air. Mist filled the air around it.

"It's Old Faithful! Pretty amazing!" Tedds shouted. "Look! Look Wolfinna!" Tedds said excitedly as he gave his friend a chance to see too. Visiting a favorite place is AWESOME and FUN. Visiting it with a friend makes it even BETTER!

A sign saying Yellowstone National Park with three circles containing Wolf, Old Faithful and Bison.

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